Defectoscopy of electric cables

Euroelectric has a SEBAKMT Centrix 1 autolaborator with the following functions:

  • defective prelocation;
  • exact localization;
  • test and diagnose cables;
  • the electric cables defectoscopy is serviced by a team with a long experience.

Loading and testing of electrical equipment

Defectoscopy lab for electric cables;

Enhanced voltage equipment testing;

Measurement of insulation resistance between transformer windings and plot analysis;

Insulating oils;

Measurement of electrical resistance of the earth inlets;

Measurement of soil resistivity;

Impedance loop impedance measurement;

Measurement of insulation resistance of cables and conductors;

Verification of automatic differential protection fuses;

Verification of phase sequence and direction of rotation of motors;

Check the short-circuit protection;

Thermographic inspection;

Analysis of electrical parameters in electrical installations;

Verification of continuity of conductors and connections for equipotentialization.

Electrical installations in civil engineering

Design and execution

Electricity supply systems for administrative buildings

Public lighting systems

Earthing and earthing protection installations

Electrical installations in industry

Design and execution

Electrical installations for industrial processes

Electricity supply systems for industrial buildings

Industrial lighting systems

Industrial process monitoring and control systems

Data acquisition systems for industrial processes

Real-time monitoring and control systems

Power factor compensation systems

Variable AC drive systems / low voltage DC voltage / medium voltage

Control of heating and air conditioning

Systems and accessories for cable trains

Lighting protection installations and earth plugs

Complex panels for industrial automation


Electrical design

The Electrical Design Workshop has licensed programs (Autocad, Eplan) and cutting-edge information systems to meet the current challenges.