Electrical installation and building automation

Design and execution:

  • Electrical installations for indoor lighting and sockets;
  • Electrical installations for outdoor lighting;
  • Electrical installations on combustible surfaces (constructions made of wood);
  • VDI structured cabling (voice/data/image);
  • Complete automation solutions of public buildings;
  • Protection against lightning, in factories or other buildings as such;
  • Earth sockets, including measurement of their parameters;
  • Driving systems for gates,garage door with remote control;
  • Video surveillance systems, access control and alarm.
Electrical installation and automation for industrial areas

Design and execution:

  • Electrical installations for industrial processes;
  • Power supply systems for administrative and industrial buildings;
  • Public and industrial lighting systems;
  • Systems for monitoring and control of industrial processes;
  • Data acquisition systems for industrial processes;
  • Power factor compensation;
  • Variable speed drive systems
  • AC / DC inverter;
  • Low Voltage / Medium Voltage inverter;
  • Heating and air conditioning control;
  • Systems and accessories for cable trails;
  • Protection against lightning, and earth sockets in factories or other buildings as such;
  • Complex panels for industrial automations.
 Design, production, installation and commissioning of electrical panels

Design and execution;

  • Distribution and control of electricity up to 2.500 A;
  • Reactive energy compensation;
  • Automatic backup switch on;
  • Engine start up, control and protection;
  • Automation panels;
  • Trials, tests and measurements according to applicable standards, issue of measurement reports, conformity and warranty certificates;
  • Commissioning or commissioning assistance;
  • Training of the operating personnel; use and maintenance manuals;
  • Warranty and post-warranty maintenance and service.
Testing and electrical measurements
  • Cable test van;
  • Testing equipments increased with high voltage;
  • Measurement of insulation resistance between the windings of transformers and plots analysis;
  • Analysis insulating oils;
  • Resistance of earthing dispersion;
  • Soil resistivity measurements;
  • Measurement of fault loop impedance;
  • Measurement of the insulation resistance of cables and conductors;
  • Checking the fuse breaker;
  • Checking the phase sequence and motor rotation direction;
  • Checking operation of short-circuit protection elements;
  • Analysis of thermovision camera;
  • Analysis of the electrical parameters of electrical installations;
  • Check the continuity of the equipotential bonding conductors and connections.
 Electrical installation for weak currents
  • Installation and maintenance of systems and installations signaling, alarm and alert in case of fire;
  • Installation, modification and maintenance of alarm systems against burglary.